Yawning with Thanksgiving!

Stodgy?! Come to us then! We’re simple, refreshing, inspiring, and galvanizing! 😉 Thank you for our friends from the US, Spain, Sweden, and China 😉

It is one of our quieter days.

True, it has been so noisy lately, so when there is no noise around, we’d feel that we’re doing nothing.


The truth is that you get used to a lot of noise from your emails and your cell-phones lately all the time, so when your phone is no longer ticking up with any noise, you’d become surprise, thinking; “What happened? Why the world stopped having a noise?”

Yawning-SophieFunny but cool.

Today since we’re talking about having a quiet day, when I wake up this morning, I was continuously yawning, and I remembered a dear friend, Moona, when she used to visit us, she had a lot of yawning. At that time, I thought she could have been tired, or didn’t have enough sleep by night, but I didn’t try to search that phenomenon, although once I saw her yawning, I started yawning myself! 😆

Truthfully, I didn’t have any explanation for that. 

Today when that happened to me, I thought of her, and I sat to my computer to find out what the reason was. The answer was that I was bonding with her. In other words, there were some kinds of connection between us, so it was contiguous to occur. 

After doing my research, since I was under the impression that there was still no answer for that question, I found out that the yawning helped the brain to cool down. Surprisingly enough, I was actually talking to my daughter telling her that it was a warm weather and that I felt hot, and she confirmed that in Oakland it was warm too.

So apparently what happened was that my brain was getting warmed up, and my involuntary yawning was trying to help my brain in cooling down. 

Now, it all makes sense to me. I think this theory is correct. If you’re interested in this subject, you can read more.

You would love to know more about this we are sure, coz there is plenty more to know.

Until we chat again, let us hear from you soon, and enjoy your Holidays with our hugs and kisses

. Yawning symptom.


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