Holidays Visits!

So mad?!  You better trace it back to where it came from! 😉 Welcome and thank you dear readers and friends from everywhere: the US, India, Philippines, Russia, Ghana, Croatia, and Japan 😉

It’s incredible to figure out the real space or the real measurement of the whole globe including all galaxies and all different systems.

Anyway, it is only 39 days remaining for the start of our new year 2018. Is it going to be the same classical celebration for you? What do you plan to do that night? Where do you intend to go?  Are you planning in getting into a local trip or an international one?

Yep! It’s time for holidays visits- all kinds of them 🙂

It is said that it is better to avoid visiting large cities like NY, Paris, or London for security reasons, and the length of lines waiting to get in or to get out of the airport.Holidays2-Sophie

Engagement RingsI think that the best place to go right now, and at this time of the year is going to be :

  • Oahu, Hawaii. …
  • Loja, Ecuador. …
  • Zambia….
  • Sao Paulo, Brazil. …
  • Sydney, Australia. …
  • Canary Islands, Spain. …
  • Malaga, Spain…..

These are some of the recommended places according to their good temperature.

But when you think about traveling it takes more than your like or dislike to a place. It needs reservation, confirmation, and contemplation.

Gemstone EarringsSeriously, you need to think of the cost in addition to the country where you want to visit. Not all trips are affordable, although there is always a way to keep your expenses as low as possible. But then, it is not going to be exactly the trip in mind, if you would think about each penny you’re spending. It would be like a torture for your mind and pocket.

There is always a way out of over-spending. For example, instead of staying in a five-star hotel, you can find 3 stars instead,  students dorms, or hostels. Fancy tourists restaurants should not be included. Try to find local cafes or eateries. Avoid making long-distance calls. You’re in a vacation to get the hell out of all of this noisy atmosphere. Use your cash coz your cards would encourage you to spend more. Buy only what you need.

Keep being light during your trips, so you wouldn’t have to pay for a carrying bellman. Do things within reasonable range to your budget. Remember that each person see things differently. Your budget wouldn’t be he same like all others, coz it is a relative matter as others.SOUL

It is well-known that each country, or rather each city has its own expensive neighborhoods. If you went to the Champs-Élysées, in Paris, don’t be surprised if you found booming prices for everything!

Being in a tight budget is not good for selecting the right place you want to enjoy yourself at; for instance, if the Vancouver’s flight tickets were cheap in winter time, it is not advisable to fly there, just for the sake of saving money. It’s a place has its own beauty, and it would be a shame, no matter what, that you wouldn’t live it during its beauty epic, Don’t sacrifice the quality of best timing for your destination!

Thanks for being here with us in Thanksgiving day. May the best blessings would be yours, wishing you all the best Thanksgiving ever! 🙂

Until we celebrate some more, enjoy your “Thanksgiving“. Eat a lot of turkey and drink your best favorite drink, and hop onto the wave with our hugs and kisses


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