DAV, Thank YOU!

 Instead of going through the whole situation yourself, a word of mouth  is suffice. You don’t have to try drowning in the deep ocean to know its danger! 😉 Welcome and thanks our readers and friends from everywhere: the US, India, Algeria, Philippines, Brazil, Nigeria, Nigeria, the UK, Australia, and Ireland 😉 

Good news or bad news first? Some choose the good news first, while others prefer to start with the bad news then the good news afterwards to balance the situation. However, we actually have good news and good news, so you don’t need to worry.

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Firstly we received the first calendar for the new year 2018 from the DAV. It was so nice, and we give our thanks to the Veterans Program which sponsored that pretty elegant envelope to say Happy New Year to us. Thank you for the great service you’re doing to our people in our country, and thank you for the veterans who gave their lives defending us. It will never be enough to say thank you.

Here’s some photos for the collection of posters that we have received:

Secondly, in response to comments and questions we received on the topic of “In Love?!” which was posted last week, we would like to suggest few solutions:

Solutions A-

If it was your boss who  had the crush for you, here’s your options:

. Open up and talk to her face-to-face without hurting her feelings. Explain to her that she is like a sister (or a friend) to you, and ask her if there is anything else she has in mind. In this way you will know if there was anything else that you thought she had for you. If she denied that, it is a good sign, and you can continue without having any further trouble of thinking those awkward thoughts.Cashmere in Love

If she admitted her admiration for you, you need to be calm and address the issue openly if you do not have feeling for her.

. If you feel that you may have some feeling and you want to have a relationship with her, you need to let her know that working together might be not easy for a relationship to grow up normally, especially if she was your boss. Discuss the matter, and end it up with a plan. Whatever you agreed upon, respect her suggestions and deal with it without hiding or keeping secrets, to avoid any negative consequences.

. If you felt that she didn’t accept or respect your wishes in not having a relationship other than work relationship, you can ask her to transfer you to another location, or you can look for another job somewhere else away from her, to avoid escalation. Of course there is laws to protect you from harassment, but who want to deal with these issues at work. Let’s be practical and realistic. Being your boss and a female may make her word stronger when it is against yours.

If it was you who had the passion for your boss, you should try this:

. Talk about it: it is very hard to do this coz of embarrassment. If you told your boss, you do not know how she would react, or she would understand. If you told your friends, probably they would give you some advice, but you would be still feeling ashamed to tell them about it. You must have a close relative: a father, mother, sister, brother, etc. you can trust more than any one else. 

. Remind yourself of some bad consequences that could happen if your boss realized the seriousness of your situation.Cashmere in Love

. Read the regulations of your company about workplace relationship, this would make you wake up from your dreams.

Enough or do you want more?  🙄

Just think about it and try to take it easy, don’t exhaust your mind. It would take its time, and go away. This is life and it’s a life matter we need to deal with it. Let the time plays its part!

Until we ride again, follow the titles in our topics,  see if probably you’d get the inspiration you’re looking for, while enjoying our hugs and kisses ❤

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