Discharged Solutions!

Be the maestro of your life! You live only once  or that’s what you were told so far! 😉 Welcome back friends and readers from the US, India, Turkey, and Slovenia 😉

Jema called me yesterday, and it was an urgent call. She left a voice message that two people we knew went crazy and were taken to the hospital- urgent care – for losing their minds. They were not at the exact same time.

Derrick and Lama were both mentally unbalanced for some time. The first suffered bipolar and the second got in a shock and complete shut off after she was raped.Qatar Airways

But our topic is not about them, it is about why mental cases were getting higher numbers lately in CA And what health centers did to them.

In California, as health centers lately revealed, there is 1 in every 5 adults who has a mental health condition. You name it. Since there is not enough facilities to care for all that huge number of mental cases, health centers tend to discharge the patients even though they still have the symptoms of their ailments.


Now, there is two huge crises in CA, homeless people and mental health people roaming the streets looking for shelter to protect them in summer from the sun and in winter from the cold.

SeaBear SmokehouseYou may be driving your car, and someone is standing naked in the street throwing some rocks into your car, or someone is sleeping on the sidewalk cursing and threatening any pedestrian who is passing by, which endanger the life of an innocent person.

Solutions for humans pls. Help these people if you can when you can, even if it was a word that you can spread or a penny that you can donate. Anything will help. Remember that you are here to help others, and others are here to help you.

Until we chat again, check on our updated topics and leave your comments, with out hugs and kisses


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