Heading to The Extraordinary!

It will be getting better: optimism will take you miles faster in your way to your desired spot! 😉 ! Welcome back friends and readers from everywhere: the US, Kenya, India,  Slovenia, and the UK 😉

Sarah said we can’t ignore the picture as an attraction element when we click on a song or music to listen to, but Erik disagreed stating that if you knew which melody or sonata of Beethoven you want to listen to, you can simply enter the name for search, and it will give you all the different versions the site has for the one you’re looking for.

Mini agreed to what Erik said but she added that sometimes you did’t have a title or a name for what you wanted to listen to, and that it might be the case that you wished to discover some new melody that would take you away from everyday’s life matters, and heading to the extraordinary!

Until we chat again, enjoy your music, and create your list according to your moods, with our hugs and kisses


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