Idiots vs. Managers!

Deal with extremes the way you deal with a high wave! 😉 Welcome back friends from the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, Slovenia, India, Kenya, and South Africa 😉

It’s not easy to accept the fact that sometimes you can do foolish things. You would think that you’re no idiot to do anything similar to that guy who dropped his eye-glasses into the toilet, or that girl who had her phone slid into the swimming pool.

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The truth is that everyone of us would be an idiot (if this is how you define anything that goes wrong) at one moment or the other, but what counts is how you learn  to avoid being in similar situations. Even if  you did it again, give yourself another 

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chance. Science tells you that it’s up to 7 times that you can do something wrong, and then it would be corrected and restored until retrieved again.

A foolish person is the one who does something foolish, such as a terrible decision lacking any sense of care. For example when Napoleon decided to invade Russia, that was foolishness. He was an intelligent military man, but he couldn’t see the variable of weather. He did not include it in his calculations, or he disregarded it. That was a foolish decision.Related image

It’s not a big deal if you took a wrong decision during your daily routine, but sometimes it is critical when you are at business. As a good manager, you need to pay attention to details, and to be aware of your employees wrong decision, correcting them instantly whenever possible. One major wrong decision can take your business down, and you don’t want that.

Until we talk again, managers, expect more of our topics, with our hugs and kisses ❤


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