Some, when they want something from you, will turn into their charismatic mode, pay attention! šŸ˜® Thank you and welcome back friends from everywhere: the US,Ā Trinidad & Tobago, Australia, India, and Italy šŸ˜‰ Steve said that you might be going very fast in the right direction, but you yourself can’t see it. Those around you … More Jockeys!

Idiots vs. Managers!

Deal with extremes the way you deal with a high wave! šŸ˜‰ Welcome back friends from the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, Slovenia, India, Kenya, and South Africa šŸ˜‰ It’s not easy to accept the fact that sometimes you can do foolish things. You would think that you’re no idiot to do anything similar to … More Idiots vs. Managers!


Optimists can win the world, be one! šŸ˜‰ Hello and welcome back friends from the US, Canada, Chile, and Brazil šŸ˜‰ Eva loves to play the victim role. That is how she gets attention and sympathy of other coworkers, as Roberto said.Ā  Unfortunately this is one kind of the toxic people. There has been many … More Managersāµ!


Never change your charm forĀ ultimately you are a citizen of the planet, and this planet needs you: yourĀ help, expertise, and your leadership! šŸ˜‰ WelcomeĀ back friends from the US, India, Peru, Slovenia, and Italy šŸ˜‰ You’re no idiot, Kevin said. You’re a manager, but a new one, so what? All you need to know is that … More Managersā“!

Managers, Lead!

You are the champion of that vision you’ve given to people; keep it that way! šŸ˜‰ Welcome back friends and readers from the US, Canada, Spain, Lebanon, Vietnam, the UK, India, St.Kitts & Nevis, and Pakistan šŸ˜‰ “To be, just follow me”, this was once said by someone who was considered a leader. It’s up … More Managers, Lead!


You’ve been always on the top of your class, just continue the way you are, top! šŸ˜‰ Welcome back readers and friends from everywhere: the US, Canada, the UK, India, and Italy šŸ˜‰ As it is always the case, there is more about your strategies in boosting and empowering your employees/workers. But before we tell … More EmpowerĀ²!