Some, when they want something from you, will turn into their charismatic mode, pay attention! 😮 Thank you and welcome back friends from everywhere: the US, Trinidad & Tobago, Australia, India, and Italy 😉

Steve said that you might be going very fast in the right direction, but you yourself can’t see it. Those around you are closely watching as if you’re the jockey in a horse race. Some are betting on you, and they want you to be the first, while others have interest in something else.

You don’t need to worry coz if you were once a valedictorian, there is always a good distance between you and others. Just keep focusing on your vision.

Can you imagine that this umbrella is sold for $ 775.00 when Stephanie saw it online, Lydia Umbrella large1Lydia Umbrella large0she got the ad. to us and asked who would be such an expensive umbrella? The answer was known. Of course the people who are in the show-business Dogma said laughing. But seriously the handle is exquisitely fantastic, I’d get it for one rainy day. 😆

How about you, what do you think of fancy items that are sold for very high prices, or for a certain class of people. Pierre said if you have the money what’s wrong with enjoying classy luxurious items. This is what money is for, isn’t it? Do you agree with Pierre? 

As for Smith’s question on how to deal with employees who are narcissists, Arlene said:

SeaBear Smokehouse

“Don’t try to enlighten a self-absorbed person as to their condition. Never point out that you can see their underlying insecurities.
Narcissists are very invested in their false selves and in magical thinking that allows them to routinely confuse wishes and fantasies with reality. If you pull their carefully crafted rug out from under them- no matter how gently you tug- they will surely respond with animosity or melodramatic outrage and hurt.”

Smith, as a manager, you can do a lot to handle this situation. In our next post, expect more about how to look for reciprocity specifically for narcissists.

Until then, keep roaming and wandering among our topics, with our hugs and kisses ❤


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