1Zumba, Horse Riding?!

Hello hello everyone! Welcome our friends from the US, Guatemala, & Uganda 😉

It has been a fast busy day, as most of our Mondays are, right? Still thank God for everything.

My 1Zumba friend, the first meeting I attended at work today, I listen to a speaker, who was supposedly motivating us. He said: “After I gave you the 5 inspirational “F”s last week, I thought why don’t I come up with another 5 “W” letter motivational thoughts, and the first one of them was is “W” for “Waking up” in the morning”, so I laughed. 

I did smiled, but not out loud; although I was tempted to do that. In my own mind, and probably I whispered it as well to a colleague who was sitting right next to me: “Who can ever guarantee that s/he would wake up in the morning? 😆

Of course, I understand that he did not mean that waking up, probably he meant the will or the push to come out of your bed. In the morning, usually sleep would become more desirable than ever, right at the moment you want to leave that bed. 😆

Our question number 75 is as follows:1z-q751

Some friends asked about articles that we wrote some time ago; and if you reach up to the contacts page, you’d find the email addresses for each area you want to ask about, also we provided our address for you, so that you would be able to write letters to us, that we can publish if you wish, or just for us to read and to talk about its subjects. It’s totally up to you.

If you want us to talk to you over the phone, we can gladly do that, just make sure to provide an area code, or an international code to the area where you live.maxresdefault

Have you ever ridden a horse?

One 1Zumba friend, Suzanne, answered: “Of course! There’s no feeling in the world quite like it.

In fact I get to start riding again TODAY. So excited. I broke my leg a few months ago”..

My work friend, Gale, showed me a picture of her daughter riding a horse in a competition, and had a relatively good ranking among other participants, considering the short period of time she’s been practicing.


Myself, I think that everybody loves horses, although it is not necessarily true statement, but I can’t imagine why not to love this kind of animal specifically with all its agility & elegance.

Have you ever bought a horse?

Another 1Zumba friend replied: “I took on a horse with two severely bowed tendons. One he had done twice. He was 11 when I got him.

He was the best hacking horse I ever had and could also do a lovely dressage test. I had him a year and my sister fell in love with him and she took him on. She had loads of fun on him and no lameness. Sadly he broke his leg in the field age 13. The leg he broke was a hind and not one with the tendon injury. He was an amazing horse and it was just a tragic accident.

Another 1Zumba friend, Milli, said: “First time horse buyers often ask me how much they should spend on a horse. The answer really depends upon what you want to achieve with that horse. If you just want to go out and have fun, and maybe compete at a local level, you should be able to find a suitable horse for $5,000 or less (with some variance based upon the local horse market in your area).

We will talk more, in a little bit. Remember to send us your phone number, to have a long chat with you. With our love & hugs ❤


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