What A Million $$?!

Great Day, everyone!

Thank you for the US, the UK & Uganda friends, as well as all other readers and followers everywhere else, all over the world 😉

My dear 1Zumba friend, our meeting today will include a new question for our competition, a dialogue between two of our 1ZumbaCircles group on FB, and a glimplse at a new device, which we were told, is gonna be a breakthrough.

So let’s start with the new question, which says:


We asked a number of our members about what they would do, if they won a million dollar or more. The answers varied, but there has been a few in common.

Image result for someone wins a million on wheel of fortune
Here are examples of what they said:

  • If I won a million dollars, we could move back up to the standard of living that we had when I was getting paid a salary.
  • Image result for pay off debtsPay off what remaining debt I have and invest the rest. In time, I would like to grow that money into 2 or more million dollars.
  • *Build a really nice Tiny House for about 50K
    *Buy 2 new cars (myself and my daughter) 60K total
    *100K to help my daughters college
    *90K in regular bank account
  • 1. Buy a nice little house of around 2000 sq ft. max. In Michigan it wouldn’t cost all that much – a lot of house for a relatively low cost.
    2. Give housekeepers nice bonuses.
    3. Image result for donateDonate 10% of the net to my favorite charities – a food kitchen and a church.
    4. Give whatever tax-free amount I could to two of my sisters – the third doesn’t need it.
    5. Take a very nice vacation with my favorite person – my 90 year old mother.
    6. Invest/save the rest.
    7. Say good-bye to my 1999 Honda Civic with its 58,000 miles; get a new Civic or Accord.
  • This might be difficult, but it’s important to at least act like the perfectly average, reasonable person I was before I won millions of dollars.

    Now you see how people reacted and replied to the possibility of wining a million dollars, how about you? Have you ever thought that that might happen to you? If it did, would you be able to handle the whole situation? What are your expectations when that happened 😕

    Image result for someone wins a million on wheel of fortune

I like to remind you that nothing is impossible when it comes to a gain or a win, so you better be ready, who knows what would happen the next moment!


Guys, a short break, then we’ll be back in ten, to continue our interesting talk about the millions of dollars you’re gonna win. Until then, here’s our hugs and kisses


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