From time to time, check on your plans, adjust and implement accordingly! 😉 Welcome back friends from the US, Romania, Canada, the UK, Germany, Italy, Australia, Trinidad & Tobago, India, Romania, Hong Kong SAR China, and Morocco 😉

“There’re situations that you’d never forget in your life.  No matter how long you live, you’d still remember them”. That is what Anita told us yesterday when we were watching a movie together. Cant

Completing our yesterday‘s answer to Smith about how to handle his narcissist  employees, Arlene said that the least you need to know is that the culture we live in promotes and rewards a self-centered behavior. Narcissists build a false self to protect their vulnerable and insecure real self. They have fragile egos. 

Carol added that if you do not give them the attention and admiration they require, they will abandon you in a heartbeat. Narcissists normally violate physical and emotional boundaries. For coping with them, your strategies should include paying attention to any intense emotions that you may feel in their company, subjecting their assertions to reality checks, and resolving to maintain a degree of personal privacy.


The movie we watched was a Netflix one, it was a kind of a family movie, there was only one part, you’d rather keep your kids away from it.

It was called “Like Father”. Honestly it was a less than OK movie, just to-go-to-sleep kind of movie:


. Simple drama movie
. Light repeated theme
. Repeated sequence of events
It addressed the father who had to leave his family when he discovered his sexual change moods.

Wendy said if the father was so embarrassed to involve his family in that matter, how come that after the death of his partner, he suddenly had the courage to seek his only daughter after 17 yrs of unexplained disappearance from her life. The daughter forgave him  of course coz she wanted to have a dad for a long time.

It was probably unrealistic, but happy ending for the audience. You can watch it if you want to sleep. 🙄

Until we talk again, leave your comments and be safe with our hugs and kisses <3

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