Great friends, welcome back to your chat: the US, Canada, the UK, Serbia, India, Thailand, and South Africa 😉

Martha said how could that happened? The answer was simple: she focused on the front not the back.

undying-immortal-soul-largeAnd here you are thinking of more difficult questions, you’re thinking how come that you never know what a live soul can do or should be doing on Earth?

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But how could you while you’re only another live soul yourself? That is exactly why you need to protect every single soul until it fulfills its mission on your Earth. You need to be smart, coz that soul could be connected to your own existence even if it was far away from you.

And how could you know? You’re just another human soul on Earth!

Anyway, is it better for each country to maintain its identity, or is it better to have conformity among all nations? Brad said it was a hard question to answer, and that most of those who have answered it were opposed for their views.

You wonder why?

Because if you gave a “yes” to the first question meaning it is better to keep identity, some would accuse you of being conservative or that you don’t want the people in poor countries to be equal to the people in rich countries.

In contrast, if your answer was yes for the 2nd one, it means that you want to delete all the differences among all  cultures and all traditions, which would be a tremendous change, considering the fact that religions and beliefs in many countries are deeply rooted and worshiped as an inseparable part of life.

Have you heard about the Doxa?

Well, probably it is best to talk more, but until then, expect more from our updated topics, with our hugs and kisses

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