Deep Watch!

Thinking how fool you were, one day you may feel that 😉 , but….let’s first welcome our new friends from the US, New Zealand, and Denmark then later you’d know what to do 😉

The Dinner was a NO!

The Face of Love was a YES!

Most of the time, there are few actors or actresses you trust their movies. In other words, you would find them in a good movie, never in a bad one. That was the golden rule when you select a movie to watch.

Sometimes your expectations are wrong. At first it would be a shock, then, you’d be taking your chances, may be you’re not reading the right message out of that big poster.Image result for The Dinner

Accordingly “The Dinner” for Richard Gere was the first movie to choose this month, but not for the sake of expecting something good, because we never heard about that movie, and we wanted to know why it was hush hush movie kind of.

It was so hard to continue with that movie although its idea was fine, but the way it was put on the screen may be it was similar to one of latest Netflix production movies where the darkness prevailed most of the scenes, and the connection between events were lost in that flashback, which continued to be irritating to us- audience.

It was fair to give it two stars only coz in reality it didn’t deserve any. Sorry for that Richard Gere, a very big name.

The 2nd movie was “The Face of Love” 2014, where it was a simple idea yet brought new insights to our life. Certainly we knew Annette Bening from her fabulous movie “Bugsy” in 1991 and other awards she continuously got for her brilliant performance in many movies and theater work as well. We trusted her movies’ appearances.Image result for The Face of Love

The movie was about a lonely widow (Annette Bening) begins a romance with an art teacher (Ed Harris) who looks just like her late husband but does not tell him of the resemblance. 

Her husband was Ed Harris, whom we knew from “A Beautiful Mind” 2001, her neighbor was Robin Williams ( “Mrs. Doubtfire” his famous movie.)

The movie is worth watching for entertainment and art reasons. It is the simple sophisticated type of movies, where you would find yourself wondering why would that woman do all of that?

We hope that you’d enjoy it if you decided to watch any of them!

Until we chat some  more, movies are nice for your mind relaxation and stress relief, so go for whatever that would make you feel better, with our hugs and kisses




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