Mind Spar!

Just embrace it! No-way out! You are with all of us, on the same boat! 😉 Dearest readers and friends, welcome back to our pages, from everywhere: the US, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and New Zealand 😉

Yes, sometimes we struggle with too many things in our minds. We want to do a million things but we only have 24 hours, 8 of them we have to take in sleep in order to be charged with our new energy, so the rest would be approx 16. At least 6 hours MindStruggle-Sophie-you will be using in self-care and two for commuting or running errands, so the remainder would be around 8 hours.

You might be spending 8 hrs at work, or working from home, going to school attending classes, taking care of your kids, or retired and just enjoying yourself.

No matter what you’re doing, the real production time you have for yourself or your work is about 5 hrs.

Wow! It’s very short time for creativity or coming up with something new. Right? This in itself creates stress for your brain and your life. I mean if you’re conscious of time the way it is presented here.

Not enough time to do everything you want. You might not even realize that at all. I know some people don’t. Kids and young people also do not pay attention that time is not guaranteed the way they act around it.

At times, you may feel awkward about not having all the time you want, because Image result for mind struggleyou’re interested in doing too many things. You’re eager to know about science, physics, gambling, space, finance, language, or others. Each field would take you forever to learn more about, and it will never end, coz there is an evolution going on, in each one of them. But your interest is still there, hungry for more knowledge! 

You do not need to be in despair. You don’t have to be a specialist in every single subject you’re interested to know about. It is fine to have some knowledge about the things you’re interested in. There are people who choose to be specialists, you don’t have to be one of them, although you might envy them for being able to choose one single field among others to be specialized in.

It is all fine! Take it easy and get going. Try whatever you like to try. It’s OK. You’ll find what you’re looking for. It would take you some time, but you’ll settle once you feel satisfied. One day there will be a specific line that you’d find yourself continue working with it, coz you feel comfortable doing it, rather than doing anything else.

Your life is a long or a short ride, with ups and downs, just enjoy it all. This is the best way you can deal with it.

Until we talk again, continue your ride with us, sitting there among our topics, with our hugs and kisses

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