1Z, Flight Ride!

Hello & welcome everyone! I know it has been few hours since we were with you, but still we missed you.

Thank you for coming to our world friends from the US, Hong Kong SAR China, the UK, Slovenia, Philippines, n Peru 😉

Today it’s about a new invention!

An invention for adventurous people who like surfing the water or surfing the air! 🙂

While wheels underneath the board help it get airborne (pictured), it is expected the rider would use a parachute to get back down to the ground safely

Aaron Wypyszynkski, lead engineer and founder of Wyp Aviation that is developing the board, said riders could control the board by shifting their weight, much like a snowboard or wakeboard.

The board works with a system of cables that allow it to be towed behind and aircraft and remain stable enough for a person to stand on top. The wing shape of the board (illustrated) helps it fly through the air

In tests, the board is shown performing barrel rolls behind the aircraft. Mr Wypyszynski even believes it may become a popular spectator sport.

To get safely back to the ground, Mr Wypyszynkski explained that the Wingboarder would pull a parachute on their back, detach from the aircraft and descend safely.

Read more 😆


The Wingboard is attached to the back of an aircraft using tow cables (illustrated), much in the same way as a waterskier or wakeboarder would use a speedboat to pull them through the waves in the water.

Let’s talk some more, after digesting how this new invention will be working, and what are some of the risks involved.

Until then, give me your big hug, with our love ❤


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