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1Zumba Kitchen?!

Welcome readers and friends from the US, Italy, Tunisia,   the United Arab Emirates, n China 😉

Our Competition Question No. 54:


Designing your own kitchen could be something simple or something tiring! Certain elements you need to put them down on a paper, before starting anything:

1. Accurate assessment.
2. Would you need outside help?
3. A realistic budget.
4. Your cooking Preference.
5. Floor plan.
6.  Counter-top task areas.
7.  Style.
8. Storage needs.
9. Cabinet accessories.
10. Practical materials.
11. Plumbing fixtures.
12. Lighting.

It all starts with your budget, and how long you would be spending from your time, in that kitchen. 

Many people in CA, middle class homes, have a kitchen which is simple, limited, but it has everything essential to a kitchen; a refrigerator, an oven, etc..

What are the criteria you should use when you decide to design the kitchen that you like? As we mentioned above. It all depends on the basic elements of your usage.

Believe me it is never an easy decision to choose the right design for the right budget, for the right space. It takes thinking, measuring, selecting colors, materials, contractor, and most importantly time. Unless, you buy your head and you hire someone to do it all for you.

This site tells you how to do the whole process in only four steps. More. Others such as Home Depot, they will give you a detailed advice on how to renovate your kitchen. More

In old days, this is how our kitchens were: New products were supposed to make life easier on housewives, but often they had the opposite effect; more stuff just meant more upkeep.

These days, kitchens and kitchen accessories oscillate between being functional and decorative; occasionally, they’re even marketed as high art.

Case in point: Philippe Starck’s sculptural lemon squeezer (1988) below, about which he reportedly said, “My juicer is not meant to squeeze lemons. It is meant to start conversations? — such as, “My, isn’t Philippe Starck pretentious?”

Just keep in mind one thing, if your kitchen is fine, in a good shape, you do not need the headache of remodeling or renovating. You’d miss it when you convert into a new trend kitchen. This is what usually happens. Haha! 😆

My dear 1Zumba friends, I hope you enjoyed our post about kitchens today.

Myself, I prefer to spend my time mostly on my desk, so I’d rather have one in my kitchen too. Funny, now I remember that idiom which says: “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.” which means, if the pressures of some situation are too much for you, you should leave that situation. 

until we talk again, in a little bit, about what happened to Yelena afterwards, I’ll say here’s my kisses


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