1Zumba 1A-Realtor.com

Thank you so much for coming today! It’s so amazing to talk to you again and again.

For all our friends in the US, Slovenia, Italy, Tunisia, Austria, the UK, Malaysia, our appreciation and gratitude for being part of our daily audience 😉

Dear, 1Zumba friend, how’re you doing? I hope you’re doing great as usual. I have some good news for you, about my latest business.

For California members, followers, or anyone non-Californian (ha-ha!), who is planning to visit California, or to settle down in the Bay Area, I’m helping all my friends who are interested in investing, buying, selling, or renting in the Bay Area, in California, US, just go to my site: 1A-Realtor.com, and email me to immediately find whatever you’re looking for 😆

I seize this opportunity to tell you that my love for real estate emerged from my love to people. I’m a people’s person, and I really like very much to see people around me happy, and what else would make them happier than having a key for a home of their own, where they can put their heads to sleep after a long day of being awake.

Giving you the key to your new home, or your new place, where you’d live, is giving me all the thrills of happiness I need. Seeing the smile or appreciation on your face, will make me feel that I achieved and accomplished one of the reasons I am born for. This comes to me naturally every single time, I see the happiness in the eyes of the owner of a new place.

Not only that, but also the stories I hear every day, and the learning I gain from listening to people. As you know I’m  a Berkeley educator as well, which makes me keen for learning, and honest in dealing with real life demands. 


I’m thinking if any of you want to visit California, or invest in Real Estate, to contact me to plan a fruitful visit. Just click on 1A-Realtor.com, check on which one you would like to consider for your new place. 🙂

Talk to you soon, and here’s my hugs & kisses ❤

2 thoughts on “1Zumba 1A-Realtor.com

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