Green or Red?!

Dearest friends everywhere: the US, Réunion, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Ecuador, South Korea, France, Ukraine, Egypt, Vietnam, Nepal, Poland, Malaysia, China, Colombia, the UK, India, Spain, Canada, Ireland, American Samoa, Thailand, South Korea, Finland, Germany, Italy, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, Turkey, Belarus, and all! 😉

Green or RedSometimes your calculations are faulty for some reason. It could turn a green bell pepper into a red one. 🙂

How could you handle that? Easy. Take your time. Take a break from long periods of work. Address any pending issue in your mind. Clear up your thoughts. Then and only then you can do your calculations. 

You bet it would be the best!

SophieChannel NewYellos Qatar Airways Worthy BerrylookSOUL

Until we chat again, always catch up with any post you’ve missed. It’s for your pure inspiration with our hugs and kisses ❤


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