1Z’s Reflections On Relationships!


Hi and Hello dear readers and friends from everywhere, especially from the US, Norway, Philippines, France, Spain, South Africa, Vietnam, n Guatemala 😉

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Reasons why you’re bored with your relationship:


1 Routine. Your relationship is a boring routine. “It’s completely predictable. After 10 months of marriage, I felt bored, and I wanted to be single again”, Moreen, 1Zumba friend said.

2 Fragile foundation: Take your time, and think about it. One time, 1Zumba friend told me that he touch the door, touch the nob of the door, then he would get closer to the door to feel it n to hear. Then he would try to open it.

3 Better Opportunities: Emotions are not about opportunities, if this is how you think, it wouldn’t work. If you’re all about getting the better options you have; eventually the building would go down.

4 Emotional Affairs: You may be having an emotional affair with a good friend or even a colleague at work, and not even know it! 

5 Boring Sex: Yes, it’s true. Sex can get rather monotonous after a few years. If you tried everything possible in vain. Know it’s time to quit.

6 Memories: If you build up nice memories with someone, it’s a sign of successful relationship. If you had a smile on your face, when you remember that person, it’s also a sign.

7 Communication: Do you ever get tired of trying to explain something to your partner because it takes too long to go into all the details? This is exactly how couples lose communication in a relationship. 

8 Shared Plans: If you have no shared passions or long term goals together, both of you will have nothing to look forward to and will definitely end up getting bored of each other. 

9 Together: Together time is good, but too much together time can be claustrophobic, especially when your partner wanted to be part of every single breath you are taking. 

10 Excitement: If you have it from time to time with your partner, it’s promising, but if not, try to end it soon.

11 Wrong Partners: If you didn’t know your partner enough, and you just got engaged or got married, then you found out things that you didn’t like about your partner, and you couldn’t take it. Just end it!

12 Missing your own life. You gave up part of your life and now you no longer want to do that. It’s totally up to you.

What do you do now that you’re bored with your relationship? The answer is simple. Do you want to fix it or do you want to move on?

I’ll see you guys in a little bit. Kisses & hugs ❤  Forever friends, remember that ❤




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