Tick Tick Tick, 1Zumba?

Thank you is the first word that comes to mind every time I come to our editor.

Thank you the US, Slovenia, South Korea, n Puerto Rico friends for being here today. We love your company, n we wish to deliver what is expected from us. 😉

We’ll be having fun with our team stories. We’ll get to our Question no. 57 from our 100 Questions Competition, then we’ll close with a nice joke, hopefully cheerful enough for all of us.

There are too many things going on guys; one of them is resisting certain ideas to come to our minds, while we are completely helpless to stop them.

It happens to you, sometimes, as Y.L.,  1Zumba friend,  told me yesterday. He tried  not to think about someone special for him, and her name was everywhere he went, every time he tried to turn his brain off, she would appear to him in one form or another.

I understood exactly what he was talking about! You turn the Radio/TV on, you’d find her name in the movie you’re watching; you read a book, her name would be in the first line; you’d go to a club/store, you’d find the first person to help you was in her name. It’s kind of crazy. 😳

Q.57 is:


Another question I got, which I think I was asked before, and I answered it. However, I’d repeat it again, just in case I’ve answered it for someone else, or somewhere else. What will you do if you had the same offer? Whether you’re a boy or a girl, a man or a woman, or any other gender.

Seriously, consider that you’re exactly in the same situation of this couple, and think how you’re gonna react, if someone asked you the same. Oh! The couple in “Indecent Proposal” movie. 😯

I’ve thought about it lately, not that someone asked me to do so; but someone actually asked more than that.

It was quite a surprise, and some question I’ve never expected, not in a million years, coz, you know, it was a movie the one we watched, and movies do not always come up to life that simple. 😕

In brief, my dear 1Zumba friend, I couldn’t give an answer, the question keeps playing over and over in my mind, asking myself, how serious that person is. That is all what I am asking myself.

But I guess it doesn’t matter, coz there is no answer, I have to let it go.

One wise saying, also, kept coming back to mind lately. I like to mention here and to share it with all of you. The first one is: “Glamour is a trickster”, and many actors kept repeating that for us, but we act as deaf, as if, we still want it. There is still some kind of temptation getting there. Not for all of us though.

Anyway, here’s our joke for the day: haha! I hope you get it:

We’ve got 2 take a short break, then right back to you to chat more.

Love u all remember us like we remember you 😉

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