1Z, Just A Question!

Special “Thank you” for our friends from Mexico, the US, Myanmar (Burma), India, Brazil,Israel, France, Australia, Peru, Germany, Kuwait,  Hong Kong SAR China, n Tanzania 😉

Hello and welcome one more time friends!

We missed you those last few hours, you’ve become very dear to us. We want to talk to you all the time 😉 Can you believe it?!

It’s a fabulous day with fabulous people like you, and we will have a lot of fun, dancing, laughing, reading, n others. Let us have our Question no. 56, then continue from there:


Now, let’s laugh from the bottom of our hearts, and I mean it if you have a good sense of humor. Because in these specific situations, if you really imagine them in real life, you’d be hilariously cackled.

From real life situations that really happened for interviewer, here’s few scripts: 

  • One man 1Z-JustAQuestinwho forgot to wear socks to his interview remedied the problem by coloring his ankles with a black felt-tip marker.
  • One candidate asked if he could bring his rabbit to work with him, adding that the rabbit was focused and reliable but that he himself had been fired before.
  • When asked to provide a writing example, the candidate said she could not because all of her previous writing had been “Classified” since she previously worked with CIA.
  • One candidate answered his cell phone during the interview an asked the interviewer to leave her own office because it was a personal call.

Thank you our readers for your positive feedback and support to our team. For questions about jobs in the Bay Area, CA, we would recommend reading the local magazines, or the online ones which are specialized in this area. We will gladly provide some parts of them, along with few websites in our references section for your The three-in-one Hybrid Sports Bike combines pedal power with electric and gas motors.convenience.

Oakland jobs, you can click here. For after school teaching jobs, pls click here. Our new invention for today is another new kind of bike. This time it’s a hybrid bike. 

The prototypes unveiled at auto shows are often the stuff of fantasy — almost like high-gloss spaceships with tires leaning more toward art than form of transport.

In most cases, there’s no real intention to manufacture. But who cares? Look at those curves. (The car, too.)

A few of those prototypes, however, are intended for actual street use. One such vehicle, called the Hybrid Sports Bike, or HSB, received a rather warm reception at the 2012 L.A. Auto Show — not bad for a first-of-its-kind hybrid bike created by a then-grad student over the course of a year [source: Bubilek].

Let’s dance a little bit with this right song, to cheer you up for few moments: Who’s That Lady: by Isely Brothers.

Dear 1Zumba friends, we’ll have a short break, then come back again to you, to continue talking about everything you like.

Until then, here’s my kisses & hugs. ❤



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