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She  came to me, knocking at my door, then when I opened, she grabbed my arm, saying: “come with me”. Being so surprised, I mumbled a little : “Wha’?” I went with her coz of that state she was at, she was almost crying, but not yet.Relationships-Sophie

She took me to that tiny room where there was a washing machine and a dryer, and she burst into sob, wail, and snivel. I mesmerized knowing nothing about what was going on. Taking a deep breath, she continued: “I broke up with Daniel”.

A witch intervened!

. How is that?

She would be tracking the innocent?

. What?

We need to track her down.

. Just do it fast.

Sometimes, the confession is good for the soul.

. You can’t pretend it didn’t happen.

I can’t also pretend that I would be able to say i let it happened.

. Forget it, do you have a spell?

May be.

. Are you serious?

Demons, spirits, witches, what else.

. Something I thought that you needed it, then I decided that you didn’t.

What are you trying to find?

. Bringing him back?

Image result for cryYou let him go?

. Are you out of your mind?

He was out of his mind. He insulted me. He said that I had a mental problem.

. It is so sad. I’m so sorry for that. What happened?

He was depressed.

. Did he have a gambling problem?

No, he had a business that was not covering its expenses, and every time someone talks about the financials of that company, he got mad, coz it is not making the profits he wanted. When his mother joked with him, he exploded as if she did something terrible.

. He acted like a maniac.

Now we had two problems. The first one, the lady who was crying coz she took all her boyfriend’s stuff and threw it at his mom’s entrance door. He was with his mom, although he was 40 yrs old, but that was not the reason she broke up with him. The reason was that he was a liar. He failed her expectation in being a committed person. His timing for her was absolute failure, since she was used to Marine timing: very sharp straight accurate one.

We’re learning from our mistakes, don’t we?

. Look at me, do you remember how I dealt with …

What’s going on down there?

The second problem was that insane guy who insulted his mom, after inviting her to dinner with his girlfriend, who was saying nothing during that dinner, except staring at his mom. The funny part about it was that Simon blamed his mom for trying to have some fun joking with them, describing the whole dinner as an awkward one.

Why was he acting like that it didn’t matter, what mattered was the uncontrollable anger fit that he got into. His mom had to ignore his calls and texting coz all of them were inappropriate, and she reached out to her friend Amanda asking her advice.

Jazmine told us that before thanksgiving many breakups happen, I’m not sure that opinion based on what exactly, but I remembered her words when that incident took place. Relationships are hard!

Until we talk again, keep searching for our good stuff! It is hidden somewhere among all these topics, so keep looking with our hugs and kisses



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