The Chicken Brain!

Being unable to understand something won’t make it a lie! 😉 Welcome back friends from everywhere: the US, New Zealand, the UK, Malaysia, India, Philippines, and Trinidad & Tobago! 😉

Paula asked us while sitting at the school cafeteria: “Why are people acting more rude than before? It came up out of the blue. It was a group of five people.

The first one responded was Lilly: “Because they became creepy; many think that it’s ok to boss others around or to create bad image for no reason.” Sam said: “No, it’s not that. People are so tired and no longer enjoy life, take Peter, he is miserable creature, who is unhappy when see others smile or laugh around him; he has all those negative vibes. You feel as if you’d get an electric shock if you came near him. miserable unfriendly creature.”

Paula shook her head: “Sometimes he tries  but his foolish nature resists that, you see him when talking about someone else, not far away from him, he would look at that other person,then bend down, coz he is too tall, then he whisper any unacceptable comment, in the ear of the other gossiper, like a high school student, although he looks like an adult with his height and body, but his mind is like the mind of a chicken.” 🙄

We all laughed!

Antoine was coughing of laughing then he commented: “That Peter is a big story. The other day he was fighting someone over a key he didn’t own, he wanted to have all the keys. He was bullying everyone else as if it was a marble tossing game. He acted like an idiot, and everyone was laughing at him. They hated him, and they turned their heads the other way when they saw him coming.”
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Lilly added to that: “Peter is uncivilized person. I think he used to live in the suburbs, he can’t get along with anyone and that is why he is so negative, using a dull tone when he approaches you to ask you for a favor, and if you didn’t help him, he would threaten that he would complain.  Lore is his type coz she also spread a lot of bad gossips; she may say it’s too many conflicts while she’s winking at him. Terrible, but the birds follow their own type.” 😮

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Yep! I said.

Until we chat again, follow our topics, get your inspiration for your brand new idea, with our hugs and kisses ❤



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