6 vs. Sex

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You know what? There’s a number of wrong pronunciation that is irritating because it is wrongfully repeated  over and over again.

On a second thought, if it conveys the meaning and the listener could guess its meaning from your context, it’s fine. May be it’s not your language, so communication is the important part about it.

Today, Martha and  I, set a spot to address it.       It’s “SIX” NOT “SEX”:

How often have you heard these two words are pronounced  wrong. In other words, when it should be pronounced “six” it is uttered “sex“, and when it should be said as “sex”, it is presented as “six”.

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The high frequency of this error is what made us write about it, after someone asked about “Six”,  while he meant “sex“. In addition, he mentioned that he heard that word was pronounced like that in TV and radio, which could be true, coz there is no more critics or monitors for programs on radio or TV. Awareness is absent.

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Let me tell you an easy method in differentiating between the two pronunciations. “Sex” sounds like “hex” or sounds like tex in the word “text” .

As for “Six” it sounds similar to the word “Fix”or the word “Si” in Spanish + X. Would this make any sense?!

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