Communication between Genders!

If your house was made of glass, stay away from throwing others with rocks! 😉 Welcome back readers and friends from the US, Yemen, and Finland! 😉

I know you’re busy, so is everyone else. Nevertheless, you should continue to read every single day, coz reading is the only way that you would communicate better.

Talking face-to face is good and clarifying, but reading the inner thoughts, and having the advantage of analyzing new segments of info is priceless. It’s totally different kind of enjoyment and enlightenment!

Many of your ideas are built on things we hear from  others, or got into your mind through TV show, a movie, a play, a game, or other sources. Not all ideas are correct: some are just a stereotype, and you just follow it coz everyone else thinks that it’s Ok.

You rarely examine your communication with  others, whether men or women.

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Women communicate with other women on the basis of a set of rules, which is different from another set of rules that is kept for dealing with the opposite gender-  males. Why do women do this? For many reasons. More

Females need to work harder on their communication skills with other females, it’s undeniable fact.

If you are a female, you need to know that you inherited stereotypes that Image result for man talk to manautomatically have you treat men differently, or with more courtesy. You have to appreciate each other female more. You have to empower each other more. You have to be proud of each other more. Not all women, of course, there are females who are aware of this subject-matter, and are working on it. 

Males tend to appreciate females more than females do. Also, they tend to appreciate each other more. Why? Think about it! It’s also rooted like in them to act like that without much thinking.

Until we chat again, stick to our topics with our hugs and kisses ❤

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