Energized and energizing, that is what you need to be! 😉 Dear readers and friends from everywhere: the US, New Zealand, Germany, India, Philippines, Brazil, South Africa, Algeria, Italy, Serbia, Vietnam, and Hungary, welcome back 😉

Reading is your cushion to assess the situations you get involved in, and have a clear view of things going around you. It would be like having a sieve inside your brain which would give you the sifted info or knowledge to use in your life!

“Reading is an adventure”, this is how some people consider reading. The way you see it could be the same, or could be different. You may see it as an adventure but you don’t know that, coz you don’t analyze why you like reading every time you pick up a magazine or a book.


We can say that when you read the words of another person, it is as if, in a way, you penetrate the brain of this person, explore the thoughts of the writer, or live the experience  again.

Recently, it was proved that reading is a very powerful method of entertainment. Why? Because it brings you ideas sometimes you’ve never heard of, and other times, it brings you solutions for issues that you have. 

Additionally, the miracle of reading is that it takes all your stress away, and that is why many of you read any book before going to sleep or in order to get into the phase of sleep. Adults and kids are equal in this matter.

For mental health and aging people, it is proved by research methods that it helps the seniors:

In 2016, 196,216 individuals were treated by the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services. This means it’s possible that up to 600,000 Oklahomans went without the mental health care they so badly need.

It doesn’t matter what you read. Read everything you feel some curiosity to read: fiction or non-fiction. You may find pleasure in reading letters or documents or scientific equations or spaceship analysis, who knows what your brain like to read and store?! 🙄

Boosting your creativity, giving you time for yourself and your vision, connecting you with  the world you live in, meeting new friends, entertaining you whenever you have a chance, and rejuvenating your memory, all these are substantial reasons for seeking consistent reading.Remix by Rock Revival at Buckle!

A book or an eBook is like a friend whom you can see any time any where, without setting an appointment., dressing up to it, or worry about marking its date down on your calendar!

Most importantly, reading stimulates your faculties of thinking and coming up with new ideas, so if you’re seeking inspiration, your only outlet is reading!

Until we chat  again, keep reading and encourage others to read, and keep in touch with our hugs and kisses

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