Fine People!

Could parents be mean to their kids, or kids be mean to their parents? Yes, it could happen, but it is mostly unintentional. First let’s say hello to our dearest friends and readers from the US, India, Philippines, and Serbia 😉

Yesterday we mentioned that certain people make you feel young again, and the word “young” here refers to as early as elementary school age. For no real apparent reason expect that they are fine people that you get this kind of feeling.

This sounds unfamiliar, but it is true, this kind of people are rare, and I don’t think Untitledthat they even know about what they have. 

Thinking about it, isn’t it possible that they aren’t like this with everyone, but no, they are. Yes, they are good to everyone, and for no reason. They have prime qualities.

That’s the thing, they are decent by nature to everyone; they do not fake it.

The funny thing about it is that they give you that feeling which may take you back to being a kid, and when you talk to them you feel as if your voice has changed back into that skinny kids’ voice. But let’s not confuse it with love or friendship, coz it is not.

It is something else, coz it comes from a total stranger to you. May be it has this sense of the good salesman/woman in it, but not exactly. It’s a combination of respect, like-friendship attitude, polite curiosity carries “willing-to-help-you” phrase kind of message, but it’s subtle not overtly  or explicitly announced. It has appreciation for who you are, and not expecting anything back from you. It conveys an enjoyment for being around you, and the grounds of “let-me-help-you”, if you need me.

One time, I talked to you about a decent reaction from an auto sound repairs business owner, who insisted on not charging me anything for the services he had done to my car, when my radio cassette has broken down, but I’m not sure which title it was. Once I find it, I’ll tell you about it more.

Tomorrow, we will have a new post for a new day, and until then, here’s our hugs & kisses



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