Recruitment Laughs!

Count how many steps you can take at a time, then go for it! 😉 Welcome back  dear readers and friends from the US! 😉

Now, it’s the season of hiring! Page said: “It’s like anywhere else, before the holidays, many stores are getting ready for the big days, and the high-point sales!”

But, let’s have a laugh first with this:Recruit

Get ready for an interview, and don’t worry. Before you sign a document, make sure that your salary is not the minimum wage!  Do not sell yourself cheap. Many others know how to negotiate a decent pay! Why not you?!

Related imageThere are some opening in the market right now, similar to this:

Qatar Airways

As for drones pilots, they are paid very well. An example:

Systems Engineer 
Inertial Sense, Inc.
Provo, UT

$60,000 – $110,000 a year

RC / Drone Pilot. Lead product testing, including drone flights and ground vehicle test driving. Everything from drones and robots to self-driving lawnmowers...

Until we chat again, let’s think of new inspiration via our topics, with our hugs and kisses

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