A Paradox?

What you can do today, might be hard to be done tomorrow! 😉 Welcome back friends from the US, India, Uganda, Canada, and Honduras 😉

When we wake up in the morning, we should have a clear mind. If your mind was working while you were asleep, you’d get some kind of continuation of the movie that was getting into your head while you were asleep, whether that was about your work, family, friends, etc.

Your brain has a lot of secrets and researchers are stuck there trying their best to come up with explanations, but do you think their theories are right?

Here’s two assumptions:


A claimed experiment says that if you tried to repeat a word for a period of time, it would cause your brain to become confused, and starting asking if the spelling was right or if it had a meaning at all, or others.

“It’s called semantic satiation, and it happens when we see or hear the same word repeated over and over again. For around a century now, psychologists have known about the phenomenon, and it’s a pretty straightforward one. When we hear (or see) something enough times, our brain gets bored, and presumably wanders off to play with someone else. We don’t butterflyjust stop paying attention to it — we also stop assigning it any particular meaning.”

It’s a theory and you can easily tested by saying any word. For example try “Butterfly” and afterwards you can tell us what happened if any.

The other phenomenon is called “Paradox of Choice” , where your brains compare your choices to the ones that others make, and then because they always focus on the choices that you think turned out better. You second-guess everything, from your career choices to decisions you make at the grocery store, and everything in between. That’s a huge amount of information to process and things to worry about, and that means that you’re as overwhelmed by the things you don’t do as much as the things you do.

Schwartz says that a lot of the time, it’s this freedom that results in you not doing anything at all!
Too complicated! But then what is not nowadays?

Until we talk again, remember to check on your previous topics, many will bring you the moment you’re looking for, with our hugs and kisses



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