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Briefly speaking, even when it rains and get dark grey clouds around us, there’s still a kind of beauty if you contemplate deeper with your heart’s vision.

Dear readers and friends, sometimes you keep things for yourself, and the reasons are endless, but the question is: should you do that?

Many insane people are labeled “insane” because they say what is in their mind without thinking if the people would like them to be frank and open the way they talk or not. They do not really care for any kind of consequences.

This is a part of the insanity you may sometimes admire, because you’re unable to ideabe like those insane people. You’re unable to speak your mind up without fear that anyone would take a stand against you.

You keep hiding issues inside of you caring about the others’ views of you. Lately that is classified as bad for your health.

A paper in the July, 2017 issue of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology by Michael Slepian, Jinseok Chun, and Malia Mason takes a different approach to secrets. 

They suggest that a potential problem with keeping secrets is that you have a goal to keep the information secret. Goals that have not yet been achieved are often easy to think about. That is how your motivational system gives you opportunities to achieve your goals when you see something related to the goal in the environment. For example, you are more likely to notice a mailbox when you need to mail a letter than when you don’t.

Based on those findings, you need to be open without secrets. Say what you feel. Get rid of any fear inside you. Argue and discuss any point you disagree with or express where you stand. Nothing wrong with being clear and straightforward. Your health is affected by being secretive.  

Until we talk again, check on our topics, “they’re the best, forget the rest” as the radio commercial says, with our hugs and kisses

. Keeping Secrets.

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