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Updated 3/6/2018


Welcome to our page everyone! Thank you for following up with our news everyday. Our dear current and new readers, from everywhere, especially from the US, Mexico, Spain, Philippines, Brazil, Malaysia, Canada, n Singapore 😉

Hello my 1Zumba friend, how are you doing? We miss you so very much, wishing you all the best in all of your missions. Take good care of yourself, until we talk again 😉

Mercy is good!
Teens shouldn’t use drugs or alcohol PERIOD.

crz1 Was he drinking?

Teens should not have any access to drugs or alcohol. It will only lead to having sexand might end up with a child, which is a big responsibility teenagers aren’t ready for. Most teenagers who drink, smoke, or do drugs end up having sex because most of them don’t know better.

“Many of my friends”, Raol said, “have talked about how they were using drugs or…

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