Organs Suspicious-Minds!

Thank you for reading our words and being here with us. It’s great to see you 🙂 Our friends and readers from the US, France, the UK, Australia, n Canada! 😉

Suzie asked me a very critical question, and I found it hard to answer it, without clarifying first why I gave her that opinion.

The question was about whether it was right or wrong to give your organ, after death. You see how grim it is to answer. It is dire because each one of us has her/his own Image result for eyelashbeliefs, and culture. What I believe is right and true, not necessarily the same for you.

First, let me ask you this: Can you make a finger? Yes, I mean a human finger. Of course, the answer is NO. How about an eyelash, would that be a bit easier on you to create? Again, the answer will be NO.

Then, if you cannot create neither of them, what the hell makes you able to donate them? You are not the owner. Are you?

In the movie The First Knight, when Prince Malagant tried to persuade Arthur of Image result for the first knightCamelot to share their neighboring village, Arthur answered him: “You’re offering what you don’t own!”

It’s exactly the same, you will be offering your organs for someone, whoever s/he is, and I know your purpose is noble (Unless you’re selling your organ for money), but still it is not logically making any sense, because you do not own any part of your body at all.

Until you would be able to own your own body, with all of its organs, you can have such decisions, similar to donating your organs, selling them, or otherwise.

BerrylookSuzie disagreed giving me an example of Magi & her mother, when the mother gave a kidney for Magi so she can live. Magi didn’t make it, and the mother was alive with one kidney.

We cannot control our fate. We cannot control who would make it or not, whether we donate our organs or not.

But as a principle, and most of us agree, if we own something, we can have our free will to do anything with it; otherwise, we should not give away something, whether valuable or not, if we do not own it, period.

Media is trying hard to convince us otherwise. The way they put it, is so cunning, that you would think, if you didn’t do that, you would be odd among others. But No, do not do it, and do not feel that the others are right, and that you are wrong. 

It is never true that agreeing with the majority is the right thing to do, in our case, there is no majority, coz most people disagree with the media.

Suzie was relieved. Apparently it was a burden for her, not to know what to do about some crazy organization which kept sending her, day and night. Finally, she locked that door, and will never open it again.

Let’s chat some more soon in a moment. With our love and kisses ❤ Qatar Airways Worthy Lovely Wholesale


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