Awaiting A Pith, 1Zumba!

Thanks for being here. Definitely, we welcome all of you; especially our friends in the US, Serbia, Canada, Ireland, & Brazil 😉

My dear 1Zumba friend, it’s unusual day. Seriously, it is. Why? Because I have been to the Library, and it didn’t seem to be a library any more.

Noises everywhere: cell phones’r ringing, loud talk, strange laughs, and, in general, you would not enjoy it the way it should be. People are singing, listening to music that you can hear, instead of using their headphones, or ear-plugs.

Image result for people acting weird in the library
Let’s talk about something else then. Right! Let’s make it our day. Yay!  Then fitness music, or art are our best options.

Nash, 1Zumba friend, told me that she was looking for a part-time job, and by browsing the web, she was able to get to a website called “”, where it was a good source for jobs in your city, or the area where you live. 

Image result for ARTMIX | LIGHTSometimes, we act as if we are waiting for a miracle to happen. It is not only you or I, it is the nature of human being, as if this is the default mode that we switch to automatically. When it didn’t make sense to us anymore, we tend to act without even thinking, which is weird, but it happens.

There is a very nice event today, I would like to invite you to attend if you have the time, and the desire to see something new, in the art world. Here is the link to get all the necessary info. It will be open until 9 PM – ARTMIX | LIGHT- I hope you would be able to make it, if you are in the Bay Area, CA.

We will resume our talk shortly. Love you all ❤

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