Kick Off, 1Zumba!

Dear readers & friends everywhere, thank you for coming to our world. Our dearest ones from the US, Kuwait, and Croatia, welcome to our page. 😉

My dear 1Zumba friend, it is always funny how things turn around you. You plan ahead for things to happen, you wait for that date to come, you make all the prep that you Image result for old realtor in a meetingthought you would need to have, and then, probably after all of this, it wouldn’t come around, or it would but in a way that you did not expect.

Indeed, this is life!

Jim, a nice old-guy realtor had a kind of very brief presentation for us, in one of our regional offices’ meetings. He was nice, full of life, and most importantly witty, in a smart way. I heard you: “How did he do it?”

First of all, Jim had a long experience dealing with people, I could see that from the way he acted. He made good eye contact with people. He felt relaxed, having a smile on his face Image result for realtors meetingwhile talking. He was hand-shaking several people among the audience, whom he didn’t know.

You can see how smooth he was telling a story after another, or repeating again the same first story, for a purpose.

He elicited curiosity to listen to more, of whatever he was saying. He made people laugh or at least to have a smile, which grabbed their attention in a nice way.

Laura, a realtor friend , told me that she was happy to listen to Jim not because of his Image result for realtors meetingsales advice and how to be a top producer, but because he made her laugh; however, this will not apply to everyone who attended that “Kick Off” Meeting, as it was called!

Jim talked about technology, and how apps were trying to take over many businesses; nevertheless the human factor always defeated them. I believe in what Jim said, coz many people have internet to check on things, without the need to go to any other person.

Image result for realtors meetingBut when it comes to taking the right decision, you would need a professional to tell you if you were right or wrong.

You are not going to buy a house  completely via online service. It might be the biggest decision in your life.

You would feel awkward/foolish not to take into account, a professional’s advice.

For me, what I liked the most about Jim was his sincere way of conveying a great message to us.

The message was, after comparing rock-stars to  passion-melody singers, when your Image result for realtors meetingclient  feel that there would be a kind of professional relationship intertwined with a passion and love, they would develop their trust in you.

His expectations for the successful business in 2017 is that it is going to take some kind of personal trend, not the kind of ‘without love or without passion’  business.

I wonder if his expectations would be correct, or, if that theory has already existed and been tested long time before 2017?

We’re taking a break, then you tell me what you want to talk about, and i’m all ears.

With our love, kisses, & hugs

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