The game is getting bigger and wider, but still you are the best in speaking loud! 😉 Welcome back friends from everywhere: the US, Germany, India, South Africa, Ukraine, Brazil, New Zealand, and Bangladesh! 😉

You might be the best communicator, but in order to relatively guarantee your success in the process of communication, you need to know about your recipients too. In this way, you’d be able to tailor your communication according to most of your intended audience.

It’s very interesting to know what kind of communication personality you are; especially if you’re working in a place which has a diversity of people. If you knew yourself, you’d be able to communicate better with others after knowing what type they are, depending on your analysis for their personalities as well.

Here’s an example of how to explore what kind of communicator you/they are:


#1 When you write an email to a group of coworkers…

1 You write a personalized email to each recipient.

2 Tell the group what actions to take.

3 Begin the email with a light hearted remark.

4 Provide data related to the subject of the email.

#2 When scheduling a meeting with your coworkers you…

1 Find a time that is convenient for everyone.

2 Tend to let your schedule determine the meeting time.

3 Always choose the coffee shop as the meeting location.

4 Select a time before lunch when people are most alert.

#3 When presented with a new project or challenge, what do you do first…

1 Form a committee to gather ideas from others.

2 Draft an action plan and present it to the team.

3 Brainstorm solutions on a whiteboard.

4 Apply a six-step model to address the problem.SophieComQu

#4 When you move into a new office what do you do first…

1 Hang photos of friends and family on the wall.

2 Set-up your computer and begin reviewing your inbox.

3 Set-up a snack station and invite co-workers to hangout.

4 Organize files and discard unnecessary ones.

#5 When you take a lunch break do you…

1 Sit with a coworker and listen to them talk about their weekend.

2 Eat at your desk and read work related news feeds.

3 Gather a group of coworkers and take them to an off-site restaurant.

4 Use the time to prepare a healthy meal with ingredients brought from home.

#6 If you were on the social committee at work, how would you plan a birthday celebration…

1 Select a cake and gift to match the preference of each recipient.

2 Delegate the planning to others on the committee.

3 Ensure that each celebration had a different theme.

4 Group celebrations by quarter and use the same type of cake and gift for each recipient.

#7 What do you find most effective in a visual presentation…

1 Realistic photos of people.

2 Vision statements and bulleted lists.

3 A variety of images formats and styles.

4 Graphs, charts, and data driven visuals.

#8 How do you approach a problem at work…

1 Gather ideas and solutions from others.

2 Roadmap a pathway to action.

3 Try to fix it quickly, if it fails try again using a new approach.

4 Perform an in-depth review of the causes and project the impact of a variety of solutions.

#9 What role do you find yourself in when working with a group…

1 Diplomat

2 Leader

3 Cheerleader

4 Notetaker

#10 If you had to give a toast at a retirement party, would you…

1 Take time to write a thoughtful speech that reflects the person’s positive traits.

2 Write an inspiring speech.

3 Spend only a little time preparing so that you could draw upon the energy of the occasion.

4 Customize a speech that you used previously.

#11 What do you do when know you have to give a presentation…

1 Think of a shared experience with the attendees to use as an icebreaker at the beginning.

2 Rehearse and wear formal attire.

3 Select music to accompany the presentation.

Question 10 answer 4 Spend weeks preparing and read a book on how to prepare.

#12 How do you greet a new co-worker…

1 Invite them to lunch.

2 Send them a welcoming email.

3 Invite them to join the work bowling league.

4 Wait until they introduce themselves to you.

#13 When you are working with a group and are behind schedule do you…

1 Listen to the group and offer to assist with difficult tasks.

2 Share a strategy for getting back on track.

3 Motivate the group and suggest new approaches.

4 Find a module that you can work on alone.

Related image#14 When preparing for your annual-review with your boss you…

1  Review feedback from coworkers and clients.

2 Write the review ahead of time and hand it to your supervisor.

3 Emphasize new projects not related to your core job function.

4 Review your performance against key measures of productivity.

If you like to know your type of personality, you go to this link where you can get a result.

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