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Interviews are hard, not because you cannot express yourself well but because your level of anxiety is usually higher than the normal during the meeting. The other reason is that your mind is playing games with you while you’re doing the responding part, asking you if the interviewer liked you or not, if the job will be yours or not, etc.

There is a number of traditional questions that are asked for you, the most Image result for employeeimportant thing is that you should know in advance that you’re having an interview, coz some companies just surprise you asking you to step into the office, and starts having a chat with you, without even telling you that they are thinking of promoting you to a higher position, which is weird but it happens, if you are internally recommended.

Here’s some examples of those questions:
1. “How does this position contribute to your career?”
Boom! You, as a part of a larger whole, have a plan. You have the insight to contribute. Your plan fits into the company’s goals. You should be prepared with one of the company’s goals, and may be you can ask about what else that would make that goal more successful.

2. “What do your most successful hires usually do in their first month with you?”
You’re not just going to get the job and slouch into complacency. You’re there to slay. This shows you want to hit the ground running—and that you’re eager to help. As a bonus, you might get some insight into the company’s as-yet-unknown quirks.

3. “How would you measure success in this role?”
The interview is actually the prime time to ask this question. Again, it shows your forward thinking and your desire to excel and exceed their expectations. 

4. “What recent accomplishments have meant the most to you and your team, and why?”
Bonus points if you can cite some of these accomplishments, or have done enough research to say there have been many. This question allows you to show off your excellent listening skills. 

5. “What opportunities are there for professional development?”
Doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be comfortable or happy in the position offered. But does mean that you’re hungry. That you would be willing to work up in the company. And that they might be hiring someone who will go the distance with them. Try to emphasize your enthusiasm about the company itself.Related image

6. “What are some  challenges that might be associated with this post?”
Team challenges or other, it would show your seriousness and smart thinking.

7. “What do you love about this company?”
 It would give you a break from talking about yourself, if you asked the interviewer about how long has she been working for the company, and/or what kept her motivated in her position?

8. “Do you have any questions about my experience?”
It’s definitely an excellent way to give yourself a moment to explain any holes in your resume or further justify the ways in which you might meet the listed job requirements. 

It’s your turn to ask questions. The worst thing to do is when asked if you had any question, you would answer “No”, as if you knew it all. You can say:

1. “Would you give me example of the successful qualities of team members here?”
This would serve you to know about how the company see its excelling employees, which may give you a chance to match one of the qualities with an example about yourself.

2. “What are the common attributes of your top performers?”
You want to show the  recruiter that you want to identify with and be one of the top performers, and not one of the worst. 

3. “What are the one or two things that really drive results for the company?”
You’d be a part of the “thing” that drives results. Very important point.

4. “What criteria do you use in evaluating the success of this position?”
The point you want to make with this question is that you plan on being successful so you want to know what goals you should focus on. 

5. “What does a career path look like at this company?”
Your intention is a long-term commitment, and that is what you’d convey via your question.

Wishing you the best in your interviews, just remember that you’re fabulous, and that you’ll crush it!

Until we chat again, always expect more in our topics about interviews and jobs, with our hugs and kisses


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