Torment of Success!



Hey there! Although it’s a weekend, it’s still full of surprises! Aren’t you just amazing friends?! Welcome dear fantastic readers and friends, from the US, India, Canada, Greece, Ukraine, Russia, Egypt, Brazil, Romania, n Czech Republic, France , n Singapore

Well, what should I say, in a world full of new ideas, new trends, and new analyses for things that change every single day? Our life is evolving so fast, day & night. 

Being on the top, as we mentioned yesterday is hard. To be successful, there is plenty of elements for you, to be one of the successful people. We will discuss here some of these qualities, that are published online:

I’m not sure which quality should be the first one, so let’s try to do it alphabetically: 

  • Admits mistakes: it’s a great quality to admit mistakes, and to use this as a learning experience.
  • Aim, vision…

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