Torment of Success!

Hey there! Although it’s a weekend, it’s still full of surprises! Aren’t you just amazing friends?! Welcome dear fantastic readers and friends, from the US, India, Canada, Greece, Ukraine, Russia, Egypt, Brazil, Romania, n Czech Republic, France , n Singapore

Well, what should I say, in a world full of new ideas, new trends, and new analyses for things that change every single day? Our life is evolving so fast, day & night. 

Being on the top, as we mentioned yesterday is hard. To be successful, there is plenty of elements for you, to be one of the successful people. We will discuss here some of these qualities, that are published online:

I’m not sure which quality should be the first one, so let’s try to do it alphabetically: 

  • Admits mistakes: it’s a great quality to admit mistakes, and to use this as a learning experience.
  • Aim, vision, n purpose: Being focused is good, but many other elements interfere Image result for big dreamswith it.
  • Balanced: if you’re lucky you’d have a balanced life, it’s not it wouldn’t be totally under your control though.
  • Big dreams: not necessarily an element of success, coz some people can have big dreams, but unfulfilled.
  • Communicator: yes, yes, I agree.
  • Confident: by all means, very essential to success, but it’s either you have it Related imageor not, you can’t fake it.
  • Embraces possibilities: Absolutely true,  if an entrepreneur is closed success will fly away.
  • Enthusiastic: sometimes, it helps, but I know some very bright people are clam, do not show enthusiasm although they are, but they are not expressive.
  • Flexible: To an extent.
  • Givers: not necessarily, we meet with many stingy people who were still able to make it all the way to the top.
  • Good character: sometimes bad characters succeed too
  • High self-esteem: sometimes not, but mostly yes.
  • In control: mostly, but not like my neighbor who wants to know every Image result for good listenermove his wife does.
  • Listener: we agreed on that before, and we keep repeating it. You can know a lot about your opponent by listening.
  • Manage your energy: If you can’t you’ll lose half your success.
  • Mindset of abundance: sometimes
  • Networking: by delegation, because seriously, it takes a professional to do this, let’s get serious here. 😛
  • Positive attitude: Necessary for everything in the successful person’s life. Negativity brings negative atmosphere, in which success does not grow up.
  • Prepared: One of the most important element of success is to be ready and well-prepared, so when the opportunity is available, you’d need to jump in.
  • Reader: Absolutely, when you read, you know how to tackle every problem you’d meet in life, coz most of the people who write, they like to share their experiences with others, so instead of going through the whole process yourself, you can read it, and know how others dealt with it. It might save you years of your life to do so.
  • Self-acceptance: very important, being unhappy with your performance does not mean that you don’t have self-acceptance; on the contrary, it means that Image result for good timingyou’re very aware of everything you do.
  • Self-control: sure, it gets you to a better positions, and it is not the same like being in control, as some get confused to differentiate between the two.
  • Time master: to manage your time wisely, it’s tremendously vital for successful people, or having someone who is eager to keep them on track.
  • Timing: Like any game we watch on TV, good timing is a winner.
  • Trusts intuition: but not on calculated matters and numbers. If your bank account went down a $1000, you need to know where it’s gone, not depending on your intuition.

Then why is it torment?  Are you kidding me?! Can you really continue carrying all these elements during your whole life?! 😆

Finally, I think I feel the torment that my dad used to have, between two actions. One was having love to reading, writing, and literature; and the other was having to earn his living. 🙄

Until we talk again, stay tuned to our topics, they are super inspiring as many of you have stated, with our hugs and kisses

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