Mistress of My Heart!

Oh! I see that. When you are on the top, it’s hard to be there forever; unless…Let’s say welcome first to our wonderful group of people here with us, from the US, India, South Africa, the UK, Canada, Argentina, Malaysia, Jordan, n Belgium 😉

How was your day? Was it full of excitement and challenges? Coz this is the elixir of life! This is what keeps you going every single day. A new challenge comes with a new thrill of happiness even if it was for moments, you still need it, in order to feel alive. 

Where are you, mistress of my heart?
Are you not pained by my distress?

I loved these two lines from Don Quixote; so beautifully said! Even the pain of love is enjoyable, especially if you loved someone, and s/he does not know about that, or did not want to be part of that.

Tracy, a friend of my daughter, was very mean for another classmate, and my daughter told me that she disliked the way she acted; nevertheless, she did not correct Tracy, or asked her why she was that cruel to that girl, who was disable. I didn’t like that my daughter was in that passive mode, but in the meantime, I cannot blame her, because I was not with her during that situation. 😛Qatar AirwaysWhen your kid is not acting appropriately, fearing that s/he would break the bond s/he had with a close friend, it is not good, but in order to change that behavior, you’ve got to be there while that situation took place, coz every single situation in our lives is different. It has its own unique circumstances. It will never be repeated again, in exactly the same way it happened. We are learning all the way!

A letter was sent to us, by Jill, who was deeply hurt by her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend. She said a lot, but the bottom line is that,  I know it is hard to get a boyfriend, who you really like, and you wish to live with, but, it is never the end of the world. There is always someone out there, whom you would meet, like, & love. Who Image result for pretty drinking a cup of teaknows, you might be in love sooner than what you think.

We are sorry for your pain, but it’s just a phase, and you are still young and pretty, and too many guys will wish to be your boyfriends.

I forget all about my cup of tea. I guess, it’s too late for that now. It’s better to have some juice instead. How about orange juice? Or may be banana milk?

We’ll be back, with more special topic, which you’ll all like, and may be give some of your spicy comments. Until then, here’s our hugs and kisses ❤SophieChannel NewYellos


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