What Should You Do?

Updated on 7/5/2018. Your suggestion or comments will be appreciated! Enjoy your day!


Our thanks and appreciation today goes to our new friends from the US, the UK, Canada, Spain, Brazil, Ireland, Germany, Algeria, Netherlands, Australia, France, Austria, Latvia, India, Sweden, Indonesia, Bosnia & Herzegovina  😉

What You Should Do?

With the fast rhythm we live in right now, novelty is on the top demand. 1Zumba is a product which needs to take this into account. New ideas Image result for fitness dancingshould be added to the regular exercises, which many of us already learned by heart.

Remember, it is hard to have people satisfied, which makes the 1Zumba instructor’s job even harder. You may be doing your best in your class, but still people are unhappy, not because you are no longer as good as you used to be, but because this is the nature of people. The one who is ‘news’ today, tomorrow s/he will be in the past.

There was an old story, once I heard…

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