Books in High-Schools?

You are who you are, keep managing everything the best way you can! 😉 Our dearest new friends from the US, the Uk, El Salvador, Tunisia, Canada, France, Spain, Nepal, Iceland, Norway, Brazil, Romania, India, and Sweden, we love to hear from you  😉

Yes, you need a laugh from time to time. It’s not only you, it is all of us. Trying to give you a smile, Hilda found this caricature online:

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We apologize for any inappropriate language in that picture. In the meantime that brings our subject to light. Last week Amanda, a teacher with us asked our team a question about a book that was lately taught in some of the classes in certain schools.

Before going into more details about that book, we’d like to ask you: did you invest in yourself this week? In other words, did you do something nice for your health? Did you exercise? Did you have a walk? Did you drink a glass of milk? Even if it was not everyday basis, you still have the chance to change that. Eat something healthy such as carrots, which helps your vision tremendously. Drink a glass of milk. Take a 30 minutes walk. Do anything that can be called an investment in your health.

Life is so precious, guys!

Going beck to that book, when Amanda brought it to us, it was a total surprise although we heard about some people who wanted to bring profanity to our schools and our community. The problem was that it talked about someone’s life in India, which was not supposed to be the norm in the USA.

May be it was good to hear about other cultures and other people who live a tough life, but Amanda’s question was about how she could discuss some sexual narration in that book. Exposing students to such inappropriate language in class would bring disorder to the class and probably resent on the part of parents, who would not speak about matters such as masturbation or touching areas of the body to get into arousal moods.

Is this  the new rhythm of life for some educators? Who are these guys? Who approves such an educational disaster? Are we under a spell? Where to is such tasteless ideas taking us? Do you feel it is appropriate to flagrantly  have books with such contents?SophieBooks

I read this book because it was on my son’s school required reading list. I felt it was incredibly juvenile for a 10th grade honors English class. The swearing was bothersome but not a deal-killer. Then I got to the masturbation discussion that went on for over a page. Flipping through it I found a variety of sexually related musings. This is like handing my son an R rated movie with sexual detail and saying it’s okay because the historical aspect is good. Students could learn the cultural and social aspects without reading the vulgarity.

Some teachers refused to teach that book. Others, just skip the dirty parts and read the decent ones, leaving that job to parents at home. A challenging situation for good teachers. After reading parts of that book, I was totally convinced that it should not be approved among educational materials for high school students. Knowing about sexual matters in a class of biology is not like reading out loud 

Good Author/Terrible book: I was very disappointed in this book. This is suppose to be a book for young adults and some schools are having it as reading for the 10th grade, how sad and sick that schools and or parents are letting their kids read this book. Even as a Native American, Librarian and a mother I was applauded of the continuous reference of drinking, language and masturbation in this book. This author has written some very good books, what happened here?

Many educators, teachers, parents, and students disapproved of having that book in schools or in classes more specifically, but nothing happened so far. Why? Who gets paid for spreading that low level of education for your kids?

Inappropriate and not funny! The content of this book would be offensive to Native Americans. All through the book it talks about how Indians are all drunks and poor. There is a whole page that talks about masturbation and the two main characters have a conversation about boners. Junior shares how he gets an erection from hugging a teacher and there are a few conversations about boys getting into girls panties. Junior’s sister burns to death because she was drunk and there is lots of bullying, violence and racism towards whites and Indians. Educators should not be passing this book out in the classroom!

Urgent help and rescue are needed for our students and our community. It is a dilemma to have such books in our classes.

Until we chat again, just keep checking on our topics, and dream of a good future of your kids, with our hugs and kisses

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