Jobs Time!

Welcome back to our page friends and readers from everywhere; especially from the US, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, Pakistan, the UK, n Mexico 😉

Yesterday we heard about a complaint or a case that was filed by a daughter, suing health care providers, alleging insufficient measures were taken to prevent injuries to her mother. True story, 1Zumba friend.

Lisa Smith, on behalf of her mother Dorothy Slover, filed a complaint Dec. 12 in Image result for mother in hospitalKanawha Circuit Court against Genesis Healthcare LLC, 1000 Lincoln Drive Operations LLC, et al, alleging failure to provide a safe environment free from abuse and neglect.

According to the complaint, between Jan. 5-Jan. 7, 2016, Slover was a resident at defendants’ Valley Center in South Charleston, a skilled nursing facility, when she sustained personal injuries and physical damages. The suit says while under the defendants’ car…..more

The reason we mentioned that is we don’t know what many people are going through Related imageright now. Sometimes, it’s hard times and other times it is OK.

I heard from my daughter that her friend’s mom has lost her job, coz there was no budget to renew her contract where she worked. They are in a crisis, and they do not have another source of income.

The cashier in one of the grocery stores told my son, she wanted to work somewhere else, but she couldn’t find any other job, and that she was getting only $10/hr, and that she was the only one who was working in her family.

Therefore, here’s few links that might help many of you to find some job, even Image result for motivatetemporarily, until this period is passed:

Dear friends, if you have suggestions for people who are looking for a job/work, pls send us them so that we can publish it in our post.

Other than that, stay cool, search our topics, and be good with each other. Hugs & kisses



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