Boom Boom Room!

Welcome dear readers and friends for our world, which will take you to San Francisco today. Thanks for the US, New Zealand, Serbia, Brazil, India, & France 😉

While running a quick errand in San Francisco, I saw that wall drawing. I was so impressed by the giant faces, the colors, and the art, let alone the name, which is really something!

Image result for boom boom room SF wall drawing

Let’s say that it captured my curiosity, and as you know “curiosity killed the cat”, as they say. But it was not applicable to that incident, I guess, since I didn’t stop my car, or park it and ran to the place or went inside to discover what it was.

I just continued, and when I had the chance I started my search, like any other mature person to figure out what that place was. From the drawing and the name, it said something similar to “it could be a Fun-House”, who knows! 😛

Image result for boom boom room SF wall drawing

What do you see in this? How do you feel about it? It has something very special. Smiling faces, but are not really happy, as if faking happiness. The black color Related imageexpresses sadness to me, although some see it as elegance, but not for me. The degree of the turquoise color used gives me the air of the lower-middle-class, those who really suffer in earning their living.

The strange thing though was that my memory kept the name and the wall drawing all vivid in my head. I couldn’t get rid of it. That is why I decided to talk about it; probably there is  more to it than what I saw. Pls feel free to comment or email me about it, if you wish.

Wow! I found it! You’re curious to know what my search came up with? Here’s the link.

A t the Boom Boom Room, the divey-looking 78-year-old live music club on Fillmore at Geary, the best seat in the house is off limits to customers. The tufted red leather booth, with its perfect (Read More).

Yes, there was more!

Thank you for being here, and until we talk again about something new, give us your hugs and kisses ❤


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