Delaware-SuperStar Poet!

Our special thanks to the US, India, Serbia, and New Zealand. Great day, guys! You can spend the whole day with us today, going through our countless topics list 😉
Under the tap of 7000 SuperStars, we are adding our very special people who are good examples for others. Everyone of our SuperStars has a dream and s/he is working on achieving it, or has achieved it, and sharing her/his one-of-a-kind experience with all of us.
How lucky we are to have all of them with us enlightening our path with open arms for

18445747_240499266434231_7810633469293232128_nany questions or comments! Today it’s our special guest “Diane the Poet” or “Delaware Poet”.  She is the first female poet to join our SuperStars. We loved her words and her mind, and we’re honored to add her here to our 7000 SuperStars.

Hello Diane! Would you be interested in having an interview with us in
It’s a site that talks about any life matter in general, and we would love to have you as one of our special guests. There has been many athlete SuperStars, but very few in other professions such as teaching, writing, medicine, etc..
Pls let me know. Thank you. 󰀀

JUN 3rd, 2017.

 Diane:  󰀀

Sophie: Is this a “Yes”?

   Diane: Yes.

Sophie: Great! Where are you located?

  Diane: Wilmington Delaware USA

Sophie: Normally, our first question is how would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?

 Diane: Diane Laszczkowska. I write poems.

Sophie: Then we give you a set of questions to choose from, whatever you’d answer from them is fine with us.

 Diane: Ok.

Sophie: You would provide us with one main photo for your article, and few others for its body.

The article is going to be published on several groups on FB, right after being published on our website.
 Diane: I would love that.
Sophie: Here’s a set of questions:
– How did you start thinking of taking this career path?
– Why did you feel you like it, or what attracted you the most to it?
– What makes you happy/sad?
– I understand that poets are very sensitive people, is this true?
– What other hobbies or line of work are you involved in, additionally to writing poetry?
– Is there times, when you wish that you choose another line of work? – Is it a rewarding job? (Emotionally or financially).
– How’s your daily routine, or if you can walk me through a day in your life with our readers would be great.
– What advice/message would you like to convey to people?
– Do you a dream? What would you consider a big achievement that you did in your life so far?
You can add, adjust, reply, or decline any of them. It’s totally up to you. We do not omit or add to any of your answers.

Sophie: Pls feel free to ask me any question. Wishing you the best of luck.

Diane: I will answer when I get home. Thank you so much.
Sophie: Perfect!
 Diane: Good Morning. It was always my dream to write children’s books. I never thought that I will start to write this year. After raising my 3 daughters, I finally had time to start to write stories and poems. It took me a month to write 30 poems, I published my first poem in “Blooming Dreams “, it’s a collection of poems from love, heart break, faith, nature’s creation, changing seasons, and children’s poems.
 Diane: For years my husband recited to me long poems that he memorized, that made me realize that he could recite my own creation , so I started writing them.
I work in the office with super positive people, which makes my life as a writer that much easier.Diane: I work 8 hours a day in the office, fulfilling customers requests, which I enjoy. But for my reward by the end of the week is when I get away with my husband to the beach for long walks. There I relax and clear my mind to get ready to tell another story. My dream is to leave a part of me for new generation of writers and dreamers, who can inspire others.
 Diane: I enjoy another hobby, creating flower arrangements with flowers that have roots 
still, I love to see them grow, it makes me and others happy . It makes my regular day less stressful.
 Diane: As a writer, I believe am more sensitive and I do look at it as a challenge on daily basis.

 Diane: As for choosing another line of work, I think sometimes we have to do what life gives you, to make a living and raising your family, but it’s never too late to full fill your dreams on the side.

I will continue to create and prosper for my purpose and keep writing, to the end. 

Sophie: Hi Diane,

That was fabulous! Is there an advice or a message that you would like to convey to others?
 Diane: Hi how are you?

Sophie: Great! I enjoyed your answers a lot, and also your photos are fantastic!

 Diane: Thank you so much.
Sophie: Welcome! This question will be for closing statement: Is there an advice or a message that you would like to convey to others?
 Diane: I have noticed and always told my daughters that when a person is gifted in music or in other life’s aspects, it’s that much harder to deal with daily life. We just need to put our best foot forward and do the best we can.
Have you seen such a lovely personality like this before? Sure you did, but only here with us, haha!

Until we see you again, enjoy your Saturday with us, and give us your hugs and kisses ❤


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