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Do you really want to know the truth? Can you handle the truth? Aren’t you just looking for entertainment, or a kind of a breather of everyday’s tasks? Welcome to our land dear readers, and friends. From the US, Singapore, Sweden, Austria, Ireland,Vietnam, Pakistan, India, n France, you make us happy being here with us 😉

Some of you are waiting for the continuation of our story “Bluff”, but before we get into that, I’d like to share with you something about the history of  this word “Bluff” first. According to the “Etymology”, or the science of the history of words,  the word bluff  was born in 1680, and it was meant to describe a broad flat front, or a broad vertical cliff.      Image result for brag to your  girl

A second opinion claimed that “Bluff” appeared in 1844, and that it was used as an alternative to poker (cards game).

Another source based the appearance of this word “Bluff” on a Dutch origin from “bluffen” which means : to Brag, to boast.

May be knowing the origin of the word or its history is not that important, or may be it would inspire you of something else, but anyway, we’re trying to get into the new devices in the world of flights.

One thing Nermina realized was that extreme luxury, that became more and more extravagant in the way of the internal decoration of the planes. But who can afford these jet business trips for God’s sake?

Yes, I understand the frustration some would feel when they see these pictures. Susan, on the other hand, mentioned that some companies pay for those trips for their employees. A good point.  What a relief. 💡

Related image

Definitely, when we see something outstanding and unmatched, we have to admire it, it comes as a result of long hours of hard work. It deserves our appreciation, and admiration.

Image result for new luxury flights

Wow! Even the bathroom is designed in a new attractive way, isn’t it? 😉 Are these the Emirates flights? OMG! This is real, not bluffing!

We’ll continue with our story, in a moment, just let’s enjoy some of this luxury, even if it was via photos only! 🙄

Until then, here’s our hugs & kisses SophieChannel

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