Indeed Hard!

Great day! We hope that it was great for all of you as well, friends from everywhere; particularly from the US, India, Italy, Colombia, Thailand, France, n Canada 😉

For the “Bluff” story, the guy brought our of his pocket a very tiny injection. At that Image result for angry guy side phototime, I realized that the door was actually behind him, not the other way around. That was supposed to make me more freaked out, but, for some reason, I was able to collect all my courage, and asked curiously: “What’s this?”

In my mind, of course, all the most depressing murders’ stories started one by one, but I put my joker face on, and continued: “Are you in need of a certain medicine?”

He laughed in a divergent way, it was not normal at all the way he acted. At that time, I thought he was an addict, and that there should have been something that I said about raising awareness of addiction’s problems, that made him mad at me, and that was why he came in to my class, to give me a hard time.

And it was indeed hard!

Based on that analysis, I interrupted his laugh by saying: “Listen, if you’re trying to change my mind about addiction or these matters, we can go to my office, and talk Image result for punch his hand in the wallabout it.”

He shouted at me: “You, not I, should listen, and listen carefully, or … I stopped him again coz I didn’t want him to get more furious and do something foolish: “I will listen yes, and I assure you that I’m extremely well- trained on active listening, a..”

But he wouldn’t let me finish what I was going to say, instead he punched his right fist into the wall, while the other hand was shaking with the needle. “Why everyone is now using all that bluff, … I think I should try that trick…

Amanda, a friend and a co-worker, stepped into my kitchen yesterday, admiring the Image result for beef tenderloin steaksmell of that beef tenderloin steak I made, she said that she loved my garnishing (decorating the food).

I must confess that lately, I rarely cook, but when my friend invited herself to a dinner, I liked to have home-made beef to enjoy our dinner, and that expensive bottle  of wine she brought.

Having lunch or dinner with a friend is a good way to cheer you up from time to time, and it would keep you updated with your friends.

It is motivating when you get a nice compliment from friends, just sitting together, and talking heart to heart, it is quite refreshing, and reminding you that there is someone who cares to have dinner with you, to chat with you, to ask your advice about private issues, that wouldn’t be openly discussed with someone else. Feeling of trust, appreciation, and other special qualities of friendship. I guess I’m a lucky girl 💡

Love each other, and care for each other! Until we talk more about that maniac, here’s our kisses, love, and hugs ❤


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