Forever After!

Having a good weekend? I hope you did. Welcome to our world, Earth friends! Thanks for coming to our new post readers from the US, India, Poland, Sweden, China, & Serbia 😉

Every student as far as I know has a favorite class or a favorite teacher, at least that is what I think. As a high school student, my best class was the French language class. The main reason I loved that class was because of Madame Apicélla.

Madame Apicélla was a wonderful smart genius teacher, probably she was in her forties. She was very respectful with a quiet temper and in control of our class all the time, without having to  reprimand any student in our class.

I liked Madame Apicélla in the way she was well-organized, well-prepared, and punctuate. My liking to the French language came from my admiration to my teacher. The whole methodology she followed was brilliant. The way she handled every single step in the class reflected a great nature of a great teacher. 

When she corrected the pronunciation for any of us, she never say: “No, this wrong, you should say it like this or like that.” In my opinion, that was one of the clues that made everyone in our class liked her. She was firm but humble, strong but sensitive, cheerful but classy. There were plenty of good traits in her. Her classes were always the first ones in our mornings.  I was never late for her class, so were my other classmates.basustudent_orig

I felt so happy communicating with her. When I said: “Bonjour Madame Apicélla”, and she replied to me, it was like ice skating, so enjoyable full of breeze. In winter time, she mostly had her red coat and her red scarf. She would smile and greet everyone.  My favorite part of her class was when she distributed her novelettes among us, either to read and return after the break, or to take home and return the following day.

That was awesome! It made me and others like to read more. Myra, one of my high school classmates used to tease me saying that she had two novelettes instead of one. We were competing to get more because the stories were very attractive.

Madame Apicélla was one of the reasons I chose the teaching career. I wanted to be like her. She was a one-of-a-kind experience that happened to me. It’s memory which was imprinted in my mind, has become one of my precious memories, and whenever I remember it, I have that smile on my face, thinking: “Wow it was a great time!”

I hope that you have your favorite teacher and your best memories cherished forever after.

Shall we talk some more?  Yes? Right after few moments, and until then, think of us with our hugs and kisses ❤


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