Back To School?

May be right! Thank you for coming to our pages; especially the US, Guernsey, and Nigeria 😉

Pière, one of our followers, told that his friend, Frank, thirty years old, left his job last week to go back to school. Even with a bachelor’s degree in biology, and a master’s degree in computer science, Frank still felt he needed to go back to school to further his career. His boss agreed.

Gary said: “Frank’s story is not unique. More and more Americans are returning to school for quick, practical courses that allow them to keep up with the competition, and rapid changes in technology and business. The rush to these type of quickie courses does not mean that graduate degree are no longer popular. Instead these courses are used to supplement any employee‘s education.” Qatar Airways Worthy 

Pière added that those new courses allow working individuals to learn and work at the same time, eliminating the difficult decision of whether or not to go back to school full time. Furthermore, the classroom changed as well. They are held at the workplace, and the curriculum is determined jointly by both professors from the university and company administrators.

Gary interrupted: “That if the person’s tuition is covered by the company, which could be even better. I really should consider going back to school too.”

I think it’s a tough decision, and it is not for everyone to do it. As you know everyone’s circumstances are different. Trying is still good idea.

Until we talk again, give me your big hug ❤SophieChannel NewYellos


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