1Zumba, Am I?

The US, Lithuania, India, & the UK,  a big clapping, from our team, n welcome to our pages. New readers or current ones, you are in the right place (y)

Last year we celebrated the Halloween, and we dedicated our post for the Halloween occasion. Image result for party halloween costumesToday, we will talk a bit about the Halloween, since tomorrow is the big day, and we actually have a costume party. I wonder which costume I should use 🙄

Tomorrow, we will post question no. 98 from our competition, so now you will need to check back on each competition post, and to collect your answers, and start sending your answers to us. You have our address under contacts, or you can email the answers, with your email, or physical address Image result for party halloween costumesin case you win, we can send you your prize.

My dear 1Zumba friend, my son is invited today for a party and he is all dressed up in a very special outfit: Prince …..anyway I asked him why he chose that costume, he said: “I don’t care”.

Lately, I’ve been hearing this phrase a lot, and it kind of worry me. I feel uncomfortable around people who would say this phrase frequently, for no reason.

“I don’t care,” really means “I don’t have an opinion,” with the implied plea, “You decide.” “I don’t care” can also mean, “I do not have an interest or investment in the question or situation.”


Peg O'Connor Ph.D.
Peg O’Connor Ph.D. said: “Apathy and callousness are stages on the way to indifference, which is one of the world’s most dangerous and devastating orientations.

Moral apathy is generally considered to be a lack of motivation or oomph to realize certain goals. Someone who demonstrates apathy may be taken as lazy or just disengaged, but a person can be apathetic about one set of goals or circumstances while quite dedicated to others. Apathy tends to be localized and confined but it can seep into other areas of life.

Anyway, I wish that anyone who used that phrase, not to have it a habit. The less you utter it, the better for you, Image result for pirates party halloween costumesand for your own family too. Coz as you know, in each family there is a jargon which is used by its members,  adults and young. The younger is quick in picking up the wrong words. 🙄

Raji, 1Zumba friend, thank you for your question, which was asked before, but probably we didn’t answer in details. Many followers thought that 1Zumba was about Zumba period, but the truth is, it’s about more than that. It’s even more than just the fitness.

1Zumba started as an initiative to promote physical fitness among students, but other matters of life were opened due to the questions and comments we received from our readers.

Definitely, it became a rule for us, if to be asked about any matter, 1z-am-ito do our research, and either answer the question, or at least give you some leads to where to find a reply for your question. 

Pls always feel free to talk to us. We are here for you. Any comments, any suggestions, questions, whether related to our topics or not, it is OK to send it to us. We love your feedback.

It helps us to evolve, and grow up in areas of interest to you. We learn from you, and you get new pieces of info from us all the time.

We have to go now, to edit more interviews for you. Until we come back to you, pls check on our previous posts, or posts that you missed, just to be on top of any new materials you didn’t have a chance to read about before.

Kisses & hugs for all of you ❤

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