Angela, 1Zumba Hawaii?

My dear 1Zumba friend, Our appreciation and thanks today is for the current readers from everywhere on our Earth, and for our new friends from the US, New Zealand, Italy, & Spain 😉

Today we add a new interview to our 7000 SuperStars. It’s quite very special interview, with one of the most amazing personalities that I’ve ever met.

She is gorgeous, pretty like hell, stunning in everything she is doing. I wonder how come that she was not kidnapped by the media industry, particularly when in addition to her being incredibly beautiful, she’s also eloquent, and has the perfect body for being a super model.


She might have been offered a movie role, and she declined, I didn’t ask her that question, but I intend to have another opportunity with her, and ask her more questions.

I’m glad to present to you today, Angela D. Alessio, who is the sister of a dear 1Zumba friends, and who became a dear friend to me as well, after I heard in her voice, all that love for her career, which started merely as a hobby.
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Let’s watch Angela picture, while listening to her warm voice, and the transcription is also provided for your convenience, in case you wish to read her words.

I asked many questions, and it was up to Angela’s time to answer whatever was possible. These were the questions that was answered in this tape.

  • How would you like to introduce yourself to anyone who is meeting you for the first time?
  • What kind of interest or background do you have growing up into this business-lady status?
  • When did you feel that you have a passion for this business? or is passion not involved in your business decisions?
  • Who encouraged you to go with this line of business?
  • What keeps you going on every single day?

Thank you so much for wanting to write about me and the company, and what I’m doing. I’d like to introduce myself as Angela D. Alessio.

I took my mother’s last name.44 It’s an Italian name, I’ve always was with drawn to have this Italian last name. I’m adventure seeker, an entrepreneur, lover of life, do things that inspire me in life to the best

of my ability, hard-worker, v been always withdrawn to the alternative side of life.

kind of interests or background growing up: I grew up as a dancer, throughout high school took dancing classes, always found a way to sneak out of the house n go dancing with my friends, or attend a music event, grew up in Northern CA, n was getting exposed to the electronic music scene at a young age.

So i’ve been always drawn to culture music, n entertainment , n i guess that drew me into this kind of interest, as far as42 fire dancing goes.

I didn’t really seek it out as a business, more like as a hobby, and to this day, it’s definitely still bordering that line as a business/hobby, as it’s a kind of a niche industry still, even though now it’s getting more and more popular.

I’d definitely would say that, it’s something i do as a passion project, n i kind of based this on my interests n my excitement around fire-dancing, coz I was really drawn to it, coz it was something interesting, something new, different.

I guess at first i saw it at a festival n people spinning poi balls, glow poi balls, n before i saw it on fire, I thought wow that looks really fun n i love to teach myself how to do that. so that ‘s exactly what I did I taught myself how to spin bean bags, n had these ribbons at the end,attached to strings, n kind of taught myself how to go to the park,

And immerse myself, 29n started with just flag poi then when i moved to Hawaii they go to massage school, i met a woman who encouraged me to lite up on fire n perform with them so I just kind of jumped in n took that risk n lit on fire, n practiced in front of a bunch of people for my first time; n it was fun, challenging, n different n scary, but I kind of like that adrenaline rush n kind of stuck with me.

So i guess i didn’t really choose that line of business or career kind of like it chooses me in a way. May be this is a kind of a cliche to say, but now i’m always just been drawn to the energy around it something that gives me energy, and that kind of feeling “Wow”, testing my limitations, I liked to do that, whatever that is, skip through a couple of questions, when did you feel your passion…….

Yah, it’s pretty much i feel about fire-dancing is that it is artistic entertaining different n challenging mixing art n passion sometimes, it’s frustrating why am i doing this n i’m not getting paid very much?

so it can be very challenging to do something that i’m feeling passionately about moving it into a business line but that passion is the one which keeps me going after all these years.

As I said before,Displaying Hella_mana_fire_dancers.jpg initially when I started with fire poi, then i moved forward to fire modalities, fire hoops, snakes, all things of kind of fun things we’ve created over the years: umbrellas, fans, fire eating n blowing, all kinds of fun stuff, so that passion inside it, keeps me interested in learning a number of different modalities, n different toys I guess, on fire, and keeps the interest in that fire to learn n challenge myself in a different ways.

I guess, we need a break, definitely! Thank you for being with us tonight. Thank you Angela for sharing such a lovely audio and pictures with all of us. You’ve been such a great addition to our SuperStars! 

Wishing you all the best, and we still have some more recording with you, don’t we? 🙂


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